Would you like to join a dynamic, new not-for-profit organization geared toward helping Jewish youth?

At CJCE, we are looking for talented, generous volunteers of all ages to grow with us. Are you into blogging, doing curriculum research, conducting focus groups or webinars? Or is it social media or fundraising that turns your crank? Are you an innovative idea maven, an effective communicator, an expert organizer or an adept co-ordinator?  

And if you are already on the university campus, would you like to become an onsite liaison? Volunteer duties are light, time commitment is minimal—but your input is meaningful.  

Bring us your enthusiasm and passion, and we will help you focus your skills and talents in an area where you’ll get the best, professional results and the satisfaction that comes with it.  

If you would like to be part of our growing and enthusiastic volunteer team, kindly contact us.

Vera N. Held, M.Ed. President CJCE

Lisa Cohen, MPA, M.A. Executive Director CJCE