August 14, 2015: CIJ News

Special thanks to colleagues Ilana Schneider and Jonathan Halevi and for our first feature published in CIJ News, August 14, 2015.

September 2, 2015 : Canadian Jewish News (CJN)

Special thanks to long-time friend and talented journalist Shayla Gunter-Goldstein for her feature on CJCE.

October 16, 2015: Jewish Independent


Live Educational Focus Group Sessions for high school students,
grades 9 through 12.
CJCE has built a strong alliance partner in educational and cultural group NCSY ( and with Torah High’s after school credit program ( to help determine the immediate and future needs of Jewish students on the university campus.

Live focus groups have already taken place at Prosserman JCC and at Torah High offices at The Promenade Mall. Future NCSY sessions will be held at Aish Hatorah’s Village Shul. We will also run live focus groups with education and alliance partner USY ( at USY specific Toronto locations, including one November 2015 and via Skype across Ontario. A focus group has also been run at a Jewish Cultural Club at a large Toronto high school (May 2015) and with Beth David Synagogue Youth Group (March 2015). Discussions include factors taken into consideration prior to choosing universities to apply to, what excites students most when contemplating university, etc.

These focus groups ensure that ongoing student needs are continually being met in CJCE’s forward-thinking curriculum design. Sessions appeal to all Jewish youth, regardless of school type (public or private) and are neighbourhood independent. CJCE hopes to expand these sessions to various community entities including synagogues representing all sects of Judaism, and to youth and school groups that incorporate both the public and private school systems.

These one-hour, live focus group sessions further develop CJCE’s credibility, and expands its networks, ties, alliances to build strong working relationships in the community

Live Interactive Educational Workshops for Jewish parents and grandparents.
CJCE works with a variety of not-for-profits to provide interactive, educational workshops for parents, grandparents and community members to support Jewish youth in Ontario. We have already facilitated workshops with the Wierzbnik Society (May & October 2015), Beth David Synagogue Youth Group (September 2015), The Canadian Hebrew Benevolent Society (September 2015), Beth Emeth Synagogue Continuing Education (October 2015), Temple Harzion (January 2016). We’ve been asked back to work with Temple Harzion youth April 2016.      

In the one-hour interactive workshop which includes a question and answer period, we educate parents and grandparents on growing trends at university campuses. We provide our audience with a clearer understanding of the transition process for students to the university, especially as Jewish students. Parents gain understanding through shared stories, student testimonials of those currently on campus and from those who have graduated, input from university professors, campus visuals, detailing some of the university processes and fee structures, and by answering questions they may have about the experience of students on campus.

These one-hour live educational workshops further strengthen CJCE’s community network, and are available for all community members interested in understanding more about life on campus for Jewish students.