1. Dear CJCE,

    Thank you for asking for a comment to the Clarfield/Mansur article in the National Post.

    1. This is a very good article in nearly every respect because it incorporates some of the narrative that needs to be adopted by Jews and their allies if the war to defend the honour and dignity and–ultimately–the safety of the Jewish people is to be won. I have spent a lot of time w/one of the authors talking about this very topic.

    2. Here is the news conference I dream that the PM of Israel will hold one day:

    “There can be no peace without truth, and the truth is that the Jewish people are owners, not occupiers because we have a land title deed from the original two-state solution, the 1922 League of Nations Mandate For Palestine in which the world recognized our historical ties to Palestine-Israel and specifically authorized us to rebuild our national home there.
    “It is immoral that the world now condemns Jews for relying on the promises that it made to us. It is immoral that the world intimidates Israel into accepting a NEW two-state solution without acknowledging the promises of the ORIGINAL.

    “Jewish honour, dignity and security requires us to put truth before solutions and so we are putting a moratorium on all land giveaways until the world, at the very least, acknowledges and reaffirms the promises made to us in the Mandate. In the meantime we will defend ourselves against those seeking a second Holocaust against us.

    “For those who want to understand the promises that were made to the Jewish People by the world community, they can be read here: http://www.NoPeaceWithoutTruth.info.”

    This position represents not one of the extreme ‘solutions’ that Israelis are currently being forced to choose from but a search for truth as part of a moral argument. It represents a moderate position that says to them, “I’m not asking you to choose One State or Two States; I’m asking you to choose Truth before we go any further.”

    3. If the Jewish people sign a NEW 2 state solution tomorrow before the world acknowledges the ORIGINAL, they will, in effect, be confessing to every vile accusation of being land stealing, ethnic cleansing, illegal occupying monsters…and THAT would be a terribly unjust stain on Jewish honour and dignity FOREVER. It would also be a betrayal of all those who worked to bring recognition to Israel’s legal claims, and those who died and suffered to bring the Jewish state to fruition.

    4. Much of what passes for Israel advocacy is actually damaging Israel’s reputation because almost none of it directly counters the false “occupation” narrative. This is not to say that the world shouldn’t know that Jews have brought much light to the nations, but it IS to say that when an ignorant or malicious person slanders the Jewish people with the word ‘occupation,’ it is NOT the time to talk about how nice Jews are, or how they want peace, or how the accuser is anti-Semitic, or how Israel is a free democracy; it is time to hold up your land title deed and say, “There can be no peace without truth, and the truth is…”

    Zoey, the 1st year political science student, who’s already being bombarded with propaganda about Jews being ‘occupiers,’ will never believe Jews and Israel are OK so long as she believes you are occupying monsters.

    Let me ask this: If your wife or husband or child was being villified and their life was being endangered by false accusations in every media outlet in the world of being a lying violent thief and murderer, would you not learn how to respond? Would you make arguments about what a beautiful baby he/she was and how they have a beautiful singing voice, etc. and how they organized a neighbourhood watch program OR would you hold up the evidence that proves your loved one’s accusers were liars? So, learn how to defend your people’s honour! Hold up your land title deed!

    All this to say, the occupation narrative must be destroyed. Jewish honour must be defended by arming Jews and their allies with the information and narrative required.

    4. The ‘No Solution Solution’: Stop talking about ‘solutions,’ and start talking about truth in a moral way that destroys their powerful ‘occupation’ narrative. That’s how they did so much damage to Israel–and with nonstop lies yet! Imagine what you can do with truth!

    5. The idea that Jordan is the Palestinian homeland is a good one. Arabs in Judea and Samaria had Jordanian citizenship which was revoked after Israel reclaimed that part of its homeland in 1967. (Notice the use of the word ‘reclaimed’ not ‘occupied’ or ‘re-occupied’? Stop using the language of your oppressors! There is NO ‘settlement movement’; there is a ‘reclamation movement.’)

    One has to be careful, though, about launching a campaign now to force/persuade Jordan to restore citizenship to the Arabs of Judea/Samaria because it requires talking about ‘solutions.’ This should be done as part of a future campaign–AFTER the war is won or on its way to being won to get the world to acknowledge the ORIGINAL solution.

    The way to control the narrative is to stick with the narrative and refuse to get into discussions until your conditions are met.

    6. The only part of the article of the article I might quibble with is the idea that Britain’s carving off Trans-Jordan was illegal. I’m not sure if the authors are talking about manipulations behind the scenes BEFORE the Mandate was approved by the League, or the actual exercising of the Mandate’s Article 25 which clearly gave Britain the right to withold Jewish access east of the Jordan. The attached Memo re Trans-Jordan shows that Britain exercised that right–lawfully, it appears–after approval of the Mandate by the League. Shenanigans notwithstanding, once the Mandate was approved, it gave Britain that right, however…

    I would argue that Britain’s greatest crime was refusing to honour the world’s promises that Jews could live in Palestine at one of history’s darkest hours for Jews, thereby condemning thousands (millions?) to death by denying them entry into their homeland. For this dreadful offence it still has yet to be held accountable.

    In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much land was promised to Jews and then withheld from them; what matters for our purposes is that Palestine clearly DID include land east of the Jordan that was promised to Jews, and it was taken from them and given to Arabs as part of the original 2 state solution.

    I hope this, despite its length, is what you were looking for. Do keep up your great work!

    Mark Vandermaas

    1. Thank you, Mark, for taking the time to enlighten and educate our CJCE audience, including all of our young people. In our high school curriculum, one historical item of supreme importance that we will share is the truth about what is indeed Israeli land.


  2. Excellent historical evidence of why the people of Israel are “owners” of their land, not “occupiers.” The National Post should be commended for printing such a truthful article by two very fine men. This should be required reading by certain groups of leftists and extremists who believe in giving away an ancient homeland.

    1. Required reading, Hester, you nailed it. History, ethnography and the bare bone facts are all fundamentals for true understanding of Israel and Israel’s situation today.

      Appreciate your participation,

  3. Drs. Clarfield and Mansur expertly cut through the myths and propaganda to set out the truth about what exists today in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. They dissected all of the decades of Arab propaganda that sought to deny that, as defined by the League of Nations Mandate, Jordan makes up 78% of the territory of Palestine, with Israel at 17%. Sovereignty in the remaining 5%, known today as West Bank and Gaza, remains unallocated and unresolved.

    After the formation of Jordan, the concept of “Palestine” was simply a vehicle to be rid of Israel and the Jews, for which they needed the support of the Pan Arabic Nationalist Muslim world. There was no other valid reason then or at the present time.

    1. Thank you, David, for making the time to comment. At CJCE, we will share accurate history and ethnography with our students along with other preparatory tools. Our goal is to help students feel confident to handle a variety of situations that may arise on the university campus.


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