Our unique, multi-faceted program

Our goal at CJCE is to further develop students emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically, so that they have the confidence to successfully navigate all aspects of university life.

Here are some of the highlights of our unique, multifaceted program. 

* Delve into each of the 20 Ontario universities’ administrative process, and provide students with an easy-to-manage, step-by-step navigation system.

* Track and break down information that specifically caters to each student’s university.

* Focus on processes that universities do not openly publicize.

* Teach undergraduates about their rights and responsibilities and how to advocate for those rights.

* Tackle a variety of “codes of conduct” at 20 Ontario universities.

* Provide professional strategies to address issues with administration. Example: Challenging a low grade on a pro-Israel student paper.

* Utilize on-campus CJCE-appointed liaisons to further enhance our step-by-step process and make things as immediate, safe and simple as possible for students.

* Thrive during those first new-and-challenging weeks of university. Includes assisting students in their on-campus social development.

*Educate students on residence life. Includes getting involved with campus activities, managing personal, volunteer and academic commitments, developing a strong Jewish identity, etc.

* Develop Jewish connections on campus by partnering with various longtime Jewish strongholds such as Chabad.

* Give students tips, tools and strategies to fight blatant anti-Semitism in student movements and campaigns such as Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) and Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW).